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Window cleaning services provided by CleanMaster. The glass was first discovered in the stone age around 7000BC. Several years after its discovery, Egyptians popularised it as a form of jewellery into coloured beads, trinkets using glass, groceries such as jugs, and also in the form of glassware or showpieces. You, believe it or not, glass is one of the oldest materials with its unique qualities like richness, thickness, and multicoloured stones.

We can use a glass as a decoration item practically and it can be also used for making windows and for houseware needs. Apart from this, there would be someone who can keep it clean. Using glass as ornament or showpiece is one thing, but it can also be used as a practical product used for window making and housewares. Normal persons can enjoy the rain without anyone’s help, old people or specially-abled persons need someone or something help to go out. If we use glass instead of a concrete wall wherever possible. We can make people see nature. Nature is the reason for peoples existence on earth. Therefore, there is a reason for someone to come around and clean those dirty windows in order to make lives happier. But it took a long time to develop into the industry which we know today.

What did the Victorians do for window cleaning?

When the last construction boom happened in Britain, window cleaning had to be done then they took a simple method which used to be carried out by servants in big houses or by ordinary housewives. A metal bucket, hot water, and a lot of cloth are used for cleaning. To add shine to the window sheets use vinegar to cut through grease. At the final stage, we use newspapers for buffing the glass. Also, ink is being used as a specific ingredient to stop greasy smears.

The arrival of the squeegee before window cleaning

If you want your windows to shine, find the best methods from the USA. Squeegee was first introduced In the early 90s. It is similar and comparable to today’s tools which are heavy and difficult to carry. because it was made up of two pink blades which hold together with huge screws. It can be changed and loosened whenever you want. Another squeegee was invented by Italian whose name is Ettorre Stteccone. It can be used commercially as well as domestically because it is made with a handle of brass and has only one, workable rubber blade, which makes it easier to use. At sometimes Chicago squeegee is considered to be high.

In mid 90s squeegee was commonly used for cleaning windows. We entered the 21st century, there was a clear statement that there should be some change in window cleaning techniques. Later it got replaced with a water led pole system, which is used by professional workers for cleaning. It makes it easier and more practical than before. When we use these types of methods, no need for using ladders and cherry pickers. It ensures that workers have safety while cleaning. We can stretch these fed poles up to a height of seven feet.  To simply sweep grease use a brush and deionised water and grime away from the class. The cleaners could do all the work by themselves from ground level. Only things are to do is operate the machine. We work for “Cleaning Spaces and Creating Happy faces” contact us at cleanmaster in Kilkenny or mail us at

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