The Best Way to Clean a Hotel Room With Clean Master Kilkenny Ireland

The Best Way to Clean a Hotel Room With Clean Master Kilkenny Ireland

Many hotels find difficulty in hotel room cleaning. Most of the hotels want their guests to have the best experience. But the guests also prefer to have a satisfactory and elegant room to visit. Can they imagine if a spacious suite furnished beautifully is unhygienic? How gross! Whether you run a B&B or five-star hotel guests never expect to be welcomed by messy, hairy, and dusty rooms. This usually leaves the hotel with a negative impression. The unfavourable response from the customer almost declines its reputation. It’s pretty sad to hear right? This happens only when there is no proper housekeeping in the hotel. Planned cleaning of rooms that will give a clear picture of measurements that need to be taken. A good plan without a good performance is nothing. So let’s make hotel room cleaning easier with Clean Master Hotel room cleaning in Kilkenny.

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The guidelines to be included in your housekeeping services for hotel room cleaning

A method has requirements like equipment, products, tools to execute it with precision. Choosing what needs to do first is also an essential factor. To keep matters simple here is a list of things that are required for cleaning:
  • Dustpans and brooms
  • Paper towels and Garbage bags
  • Mops and buckets
  • Toilet disinfectants like bleach, detergents, ammonia, soda, vinegar
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Glass cleaners
  • Microfibre cloths and clean fabrics for wiping the glasses.
In many deluxe hotels, products are organised and walked from room to room to clean quickly.

Here are the steps to implement the cleaning process in hotel rooms

Remove trash and used utensils: Pick the trash cans every day so that there is no unpleasant fragrance in the room. Guests leave the utensils in the chambers. So ensure to remove them from the room from time to time. room cleaning Strip off bed sheets and duvet covers: Make assured to remove all the bedsheets and duvet covers to sanitise them often. Wash and rearrange them whenever a new guest utilises the room. Examine the mattress to check whether it is in the condition or not. If the room is owned by the same visitor for more than one day, so they don’t need to be replaced. Vacuum the furniture: Remove the dust from every corner of the furniture. Dust the furniture with a microfibre cloth so that it is clean. Electronic Devices: Dust all the electrical devices like television, telephones with a dry cloth to avoid shocks. Never leave any electrical device without cleaning. Clean the floor: Wash the entire floor with a mop. Inspect finally from every nook and corner of the room. Never leave the floor wet which may cause spots on it. Close windows and perform the cross check-up: After all the cleaning, make sure you haven’t avoided any edge to clean up. If any chemical smell remains, room fresheners can be used. Clean the bathroom: Here comes a critical part where sanitisation is a must and should. Wash the bathroom thoroughly with disinfectants, so that there won’t be any germs leftover in it. Bacterial germs can make the toilet unpleasant and release the foul smell. Contact Us