5 Reasons to Practice Good IT Hygiene in Your Office

5 Reasons to Practice Good IT Hygiene in Your Office

Do you pay for commercial cleaning services around your office, but neglect to include IT cleaning? If so, you’re making a big mistake. Maintaining good IT hygiene reduces the risk of staff spreading germs around the office, makes your equipment last longer, and creates a pleasant, professional working environment. It also ensures you’re complying with local health and safety guidelines. Read on to find out exactly why good IT hygiene is so important.

1. Employees Will Be Less Likely to Get Sick:

Did you know that the average computer keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat? That’s right, and phones, computer mice, and track pads are also high risk. Being exposed to so many germs each day means that most employees take regular sick days. Having employees off work is costly and inconvenient, and having sick employees at work means they risk spreading the illness to others. Investing in professional IT cleaning services makes complete financial sense when you realize how much you’ll save by keeping staff healthy.

2. Your IT Equipment Will Last Longer :

Making IT equipment last longer is about more than just staying on top of the latest updates and avoiding viruses – you need to take good care of the physical equipment, too. When dust and debris build up inside computers, they can cause all sorts of problems. Too much dust can stick inside fans, preventing them from spinning and allowing equipment to overheat. Stray hairs and dust particles inside the machine can cause data corruption and malfunctioning. Keep your equipment in top working order and save money on repairs and replacements with regular IT cleaning.

3. The Office Will Look More Professional:

How would you feel if you went to visit a potential new business associate and their computer was filthy? Not good. It doesn’t matter how clean the rest of the office is, if the keyboard is filled with crumbs, the mouse is sticky, and the monitor is covered in fingerprints, you won’t make a good impression. Having a pristine work-space shows employees that you care about the small details, which makes them more likely to take their jobs seriously. Visiting clients will be impressed by your perfectly clean offices, rather than disgusted by filthy equipment. The right working environment is key to a successful business.

4. You’ll Improve Your Health and Safety Policy:

As a business owner, you should be committed to spending the time and money needed to create a safe working environment. Part of following health and safety guidelines involves regularly reviewing your current policies and looking for areas where you could improve. For most businesses, IT hygiene is an area that’s been long neglected. By identifying the potential risks around unclean IT equipment and taking steps to address them, you’re showing your commitment to workplace safety. Next time you update your health and safety plan, be sure to include a section on IT cleaning.

5. Equipment Will Be Easier to Use:

How many times have you cleaned your computer screen and suddenly realized how much more clearly you could see? Or blown the dust out of your mouse and realized that was why it was sticking? Clean equipment is easier to use, meaning staff can work more effectively and efficiently. In certain professions, like graphic design, a clean monitor could be the difference between choosing the right color for a project or getting it completely wrong. Regular IT cleaning means your staff can work to the best of their abilities, without poorly-maintained equipment holding them back.

Want healthier staff, better employee performance, longer-lasting equipment, and improved health and safety? Then it’s time to arrange professional IT cleaning for your offices.